HAITI – Support 14 micro-entrepreneurs

Help Palmis Enèji to train and support Haitians who want to develop their activity of reselling improved cooking stoves and solar kits. 500 € to train and support 1 micro-entrepreneur reseller for 1 year. Palmis Enèji plans to support 14 micro-entrepreneurs.


Palmis Enèji, Entrepreneurs du Monde’s energy access program in Haiti, aims to support micro-entrepreneurs develop their activity of reselling products with high-energy value (improved cooking stoves and solar kit).

500 € to train and support 1 micro-entrepreneur reseller for 1 year: product and business training, support and activity monitoring, inventory management, provision of a first stock and leaflets, posters etc. Palmis Enèji provides specific training to the entrepreneur and awareness-raising within the community. This support guarantees the success and viability of micro-companies selling energy products.


Objective: Increase access to energy

In Haiti, 72% of households do not have access to electricity. To cook, they use tradition charcoal fireplaces harmful to health (toxic fumes) and the environment (deforestation, CO2 emission). Based on this observation, Entrepreneurs du Monde has selected, and tested with beneficiary families, improved wood / coal stoves, LPG stoves and solar kits that are the most efficient in terms of quality, price, and accessibility. The access to this efficient equipment has a positive effect on household budgets, health and the environment.

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And foster entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurs du Monde has set up an innovative distribution network via Palmis Enèji. It develops a network of franchised dealers that it trains and assists in the development of the resale of these products.

 In addition, EdM raises awareness, promotes products and also establishes financial mechanisms to enable everyone to access these energy products that carry high social impact.


How will we spend your money ?

If you want to support micro-entrepreneurs in their economic initiatives that have significant environmental and health value for their community, you can make a donation to Palmis Enèji, Entrepreneurs du Monde's energy access program in Haiti.