Allow 2,500 women in precarious situations to create and develop an economic activity. Take part in this ambitious project which carries a profound social impact!


In the region of Ziguinchor, in Casamance, nearly 63% of households are poor.

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In 2015, Entrepreneurs du Monde conducted a study to identify the needs of the poorest population in this region. This study revealed the real need of this population is access to social micro-finance services. Entrepreneurs du Monde then decided to create a social microfinance structure called "Fansoto" which means "To make a living by the sweat of one's brow".




OBJECTIVE : Promote the socio-economic integration of vulnerable populations in rural areas

It's mission is to offer financial services (micro-credit, savings), support, and training, all of which allows vulnerable populations to carry out, with success, income-generation activities to foster their socio-economic liberation.  

Discover the testimony of Maïmouna Tendeng, a prospective beneficiary of the microfinance structure of Fansoto 

Maimouna Tendeng

"I am a member of a women's group and also a municipal councilor. I enjoy being useful to my community.

To make money, I also do poultry farming. I would like to receive support from Fansoto. At the moment, I do not have any equipment and I only have a henhouse. A micro-credit will allow me to have a bigger company and, thanks to the trainings, I will have the necessary knowledge to get there. "

To reach a large number of vulnerable people, Fansoto plans to start its activities nearly simultaneously in the peripheral districts of Ziguinchor and Bignona, before gradually spreading to the rest of Casamance.

How will we spend your money ?

If you wish to support micro-entrepreneurs in the making or micro-entrepreneurs who want to strengthen their business, make a donation to Fansoto, Entrepreneurs du Monde's new microfinance program in Senegal.  

Contribute to the success of the launching of Fansoto! Future beneficiaries need your help to begin their activity!


For more information, visit this page: Actualités- Notre nouveau défi : Créer une nouvelle institution de microfinance au Sénégal en Casamance