TOGO - CLAIRE with Assilassimé Solidarité

Claire is a brave, determined woman and leader: she has formed the group of micro-entrepreneurs Mawufenusè (the strength of God), because "without the strength of God, the group can not go forward".


LOME 2013 beneficiaire Claire 1

Claire is a 34-year-old woman who lives in Lomé after leaving her village with her parents 30 years ago. She is currently renting a house in Tokoin Novissi with her husband and her three children. In 2009, Claire started selling sugar, peanuts and cassava with only 2,000 FCFA (€ 3) in her pocket. With the support of her husband, she developed her small business. Today, she also sells vegetables, basic necessities, and fruit juices that she makes herself and can keep in the refrigerator that her husband has financed.

Claire and Assilasimé Solidarité

At SWAA Togo, Claire participates in awareness-raising sessions on family planning and experience sharing. It was through this association that she met Assilassimé, a partner of Entrepreneurs du Monde in Togo. Thanks to two loans of 40,000 FCFA (60 €) and 60,000 FCFA (90 €), she has increased and diversified her stock of vegetables and cans, and has attracted more customers. Its weekly net income now reaches 5,500 FCFA (€ 8.5). The vendor has consolidated and today she is saving!




Assilassimé Solidarité ("Hand in hand" in local language éwé), is a microfinance program of Entrepreneurs du Monde in Togo. The association works in partnership with the AMC Association (which supports children and mothers living with HIV) to help mothers become financially independent. The Assilassimé team adapts to their personal situation and accompanies them in the long term, helping them gain autonomy. The services are tailored to targeted women and include access to micro-credit, training, support and more.


Assilassimé received the 2014 prize, awarded by FINANSOL and the newspaper Le Monde, for solidarity finance in the category "Entrepreneurship in developing countries".


How will we spend your money ?

Your donations will be used to support Claire's project as well as that of other entrepreneurs who benefit from this program.

Assilassimé Solidarité will be able to continue to support Claire and follow up on 3 future Togolese entrepreneurs with the same model.

- Training

- Micro-credit, Savings

- Monitoring and supporting the development of the entrepreneur’s project


This project is a perfect example of the social and solidarity mission of Entrepreneurs du Monde, one in which you can participate!