Régina developed the sale of condiments and started a goat farm. "At 62, I work better and I have projects!"


In the beginning, Régina was selling peanuts, rice and donuts, and dolo (local beer). In 2014, she tried using millet seeds, which required pots, baskets, buckets and barrels. Millet seeds requires a lot of care: during 9 days, we water them, then drain and cover the seeds several times; once they have sprouted, they must be spread out in the shade, then in the sun, in order to dry them. For a long time, this tiring work was not sufficient to survive due to a lack of financial means and time for accumulating a sufficient stock.


Régina and YIKRI

Régina asked for a loan of 25 000 francs CFA (38 €) from YIKRI to increase her stock of millet. She followed the trainings which helped her manage her activity, such as distinguishing between the budget of her activity and that of her family. And things got better! In two months, she succeeded to put aside 5 000 francs CFA  (8 €) and to buy a horse. She can now start projects including that of starting to raise sheep and goats.

She, and a few others, joined a group called NAMAGUE - "it means 'it's going to work out' because you have to be optimistic and move forward, don't you think?"




YIKRI is the social microfinance program of Entrepreneurs du Monde in Burkina Faso, working closely with the most vulnerable and poor since 2014. The need for social microfinance is particularly strong in semi-urban and rural areas, but also in isolated rural areas. YIKRI works in these areas to offer financial services (access to micro-credit and saving services), training, and personalized follow-ups of the entrepreneurial path to people who wish to improve their living conditions and their autonomy through an economic activity.

At the end of 2015, YIKRI accompanied 1,700 micro-entrepreneurs and gave them 3,400 hours of training.

How will we spend your money ?

Your donations will be used to support Régina's project as well as that of other entrepreneurs who benefit from this program.

YIKRI will be able to continue to accompany Régina and take care of future Burkinabé entrepreneurs with the same model. 

- Micro-credit, Savings
- Monitoring the development of the entrepreneur's project and the enhancement of their living conditions
- Validation of the project and the entrepreneur towards financial autonomy

This project is a perfect example of the social and solidarity mission of Entrepreneurs du Monde, one in which you can participate.