“With my new lamp and my new stove, I save money and use them in my shop”


MIVO 2015 beneficiaires rechaud Mme Koolo 2

Mathilde experienced a difficult childhood, so when she became an adult she decided to fight against child abuse. Her generosity and solidarity also show in her work as an entrepreneur. She has a boutique outside of her home where she sells small amounts of products (fruits, beans, corn, coal, etc.) and that she developed with the support of Assilassimé Solidarity*. She is enterprising, rigorous and has great influence in her group of micro-entrepreneurs.


During one of her group’s meetings, organized by the leaders of MIVO Energie, she immediately understood that she could reduce her expenses by using accessible modern products. The new equipment is very energy efficient and economical. "My neighbors are very interested in these products; I am very proud of them!"


Mathilde and MIVO

She sets aside up to 1,500 FCFA (2.50 euros) each week. This saving allows her to stock up her shop on a more regular basis.  She has a lot of projects in mind for the future, and very soon she intends to expand her business by adding a trade of African cloth and, soon after, incorporating a drinking establishment.  She would also be pleased if Mivo Energie proposes other products like batteries for the TV and the radio. 


*Assilassimé Solidarité is a microfinance program developed by Entrepreneurs du Monde.




Entrepreneurs du Monde created the project MIVO (“We are full of joy!” in the local language of Ewé) in 2013 to make modern equipment accessible to vulnerable families, such as solar lamps, gas stoves, and improved fuel-efficient stoves. These products allow families to reduce their exposure to toxic fumes and their energy expenditures while fostering secured access to lighting. These products also have a considerable environmental impact by reducing Co2 emissions, preserving forests, and stopping the use of fossil fuels like Kerosene. MIVO supports local producers of stoves, puts in place a viable distribution network, develops suitable financial solutions, and organizes awareness campaigns. Entrepreneurs du Monde helps the team to organize itself in all areas and to develop into a viable and autonomous social enterprise.

In 2016, more than 3,000 products were sold and enabled 2,500 people to access this equipment. These sales were handled by 22 micro-resellers who were able to develop their economic activity while having a strong impact in their community.

How will we spend your money ?

Your donations will be used to support MIVO in its fight to provide the underprivileged with access to products with greater economic, social, and environmental value and to finance:

- raised awareness about energy and its effects on vulnerable populations 

- access to these products

- support for entrepreneurs who want to become resellers of these products

This project is an example of Entrepreneurs du Monde's social and solidarity mission, one in which you can contribute !