Thi Diên wants to develop an activity of fish farming and poultry breeding to offer better living conditions to her family. You can help micro-entrepreneurs like Thi Diên by supporting ACE, Entrepreneurs du Monde’s partner in Vietnam.


Her story:

My name is Thi Diên. I started working in the fields at the age of 13 to help my parents. I got married at 16 and I soon had my two children, now aged 19 and 17. It was the determination to give my children a better life that pushed me forward and drove me to where I am today.

Entrepreneurial business and her relationship with ACE, Entrepreneurs du Monde’s microfinance program in Vietnam:

We grow rice and raise chickens and pigs. We also work for our neighbours and I crochet decorative objects. With the first loan of 1.2 million dongs (44 €) that ACE granted me, I bought a female pig. With the next two, I built a pen to house the seven piglets the female pig birthed and bought food to feed them. Once fattened, we sold them for 17 million dong (620 €). I am proud of my success and I feel reassured by the presence of ACE at my side. I'm not afraid to undertake, or expand, projects.

Projects for the future

I would like to develop an activity of fish and poultry farming.

How will we spend your money ?

If you want to support Thi Diên in developing a fish and poultry farming business and provide better living conditions to her family, you can donate to ACE, Entrepreneurs du Monde's microcredit program in Vietnam.

ACE supports dozens of micro-entrepreneurs, including Thi Diên, thanks to microcredit and training. With 260 €, ACE can:

-         disburse a credit for a business project similar to that of Thi Diên (once this micro-entrepreneur has paid off her credit, another micro-entrepreneur will be able to benefit from a credit with ACE and so on)

-        support this micro-entrepreneur by giving her access to a cycle of training to teach her how to manage her activity and credits even more efficiently. 


Your company's donation is doubled with ACE. For a donation of 20 euros, your company will pay 20 € but ACE will receive 40 €.

Your donation has a tax deduction of 66%, so a donation of 20 €, after tax deductions, costs 7 €.