Why contribute to the KUNVI crowdfunding site?

By making a donation to one of Entrepreneurs du Monde’s programs on the KUNVI crowdfunding site, you are directly contributing to the project of your choice! You can thus:

-        Finance the complete support of micro-entrepreneurs by enabling them to benefit from training adapted to their needs, personalized follow-up for the development of their activity and access to financial services facilitating their socio-economic progress (micro-credit, savings, micro-health insurance, etc.).

-       Promote access to energy for poor families living in remote and isolated areas


What are the tax benefits?

Each donation made on the crowdfunding site allows you to benefit from a tax deduction of up to 66% on income tax and, if you are a company, 60% on corporate tax. For example, a donation of 50 € only costs you 17 € after tax reduction.

Entrepreneurs du Monde is an NGO accredited by the Comité de la Charte du don en confiance.

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For more information, discover more in detail Entrepreneurs du Monde's actions in the field.